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  • Heat Map

    This tool displays one indicator/index on a heat map - a graphical representation of data where values are represented by colors. Scroll left/go to the right/go to the next page for useful tips!

  • Generating a Graph

    Step 1: Select an indicator.
    Step 2: Select a region.
    Step 3: Adjust the year range.
  • Interpreting Graphs

    The graph plots indicator scores (vertical axis) across the selected time period (horizontal axis). The coloring indicates the distribution of country scores across the scale. We added labeling - low, medium, and high - to make interpretation of the scale easier. The gradient legend is available to the right of the graph. Mouseover a colored area on the graph to see how many countries got a particular rating at a certain point of time. Details about selected indicators and indices are available in the "Selected Indicators" box at the bottom of the page.

  • Saving a Graph

    Save a graph by clicking on the download sign (three-line sign) at the upper right-hand side of the graph, then select your preferred format (png, jpeg, pdf, svg).