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  • Country Radar Chart

    This tool displays multiple variables and indices for one country/region in a radar chart. Select one country/region and multiple indicators/indices.

  • Generating a Graph

    Step 1: Select a country or a region.
    Step 2: Select multiple variables (3 or more).
    Step 3: Adjust the year range to select 2 years to be compared.
  • Interpreting Graphs

    A radar chart compares multiple variables across two years in a selected country/region. Different colors of the lines correspond to scores at two different years. To see the exact ratings, mouseover one of the colored lines. Details about selected indicators and indices are available in the "Selected Indicators" box at the bottom of the page.

  • Saving a Graph

    Save a graph by clicking on the download sign (three-line sign) at the upper right-hand side of the graph, then select your preferred format (png, jpeg, pdf, svg).