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  • Regional Comparison

    This tool displays the development of a V-Dem indicator/index in a region between two selected years.

  • Generating a Graph

    Step 1: Select an indicator.
    Step 2: Select a region.
    Step 3: Select two years to be compared.
  • Interpreting Graphs

    Countries on or very close to the line remain at the same levels between the two selected years. Countries above the line have experienced positive changes in, while countries below the line have declined. The coloring helps to interpret the graph: green – improvement, red – decline, grey – no change. Changes are marked green/red if it is significant (confidence intervals do not overlap) and substantive (greater than 0.05 for indices and 0.5 for indicators). Mouseover a dot to see the rating.

  • Saving a Graph

    Save a graph by clicking on the download sign (three-line sign) at the upper right-hand side of the graph, then select your preferred format (png, jpeg, pdf, svg).