The V-Dem Institute

The V-Dem Institute is the executive management arm of V-Dem with responsibility for most aspects of the data collection efforts, management and coordination of several large research programs, and for most of the outreach, dissemination, and collaborations with policy/practitioners’ organizations.

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The V-Dem Institute, led by Professor Staffan I. Lindberg, is an independent research institute and the Headquarters of the V-Dem project. The institute is based at the Department of Political Science at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

The Institute is in charge of the operations relating to the data collection and the V-Dem data, including the Country Expert data collection, data curation and making the data available to the users. In addition to the V-Dem data, a broad range of publications are produced, among others a Working Paper series, presenting the latest research findings, as well as an annual Democracy Report, providing an overview of the state of democracy in the world. A wide range of research projects operate under the V-Dem Institute umbrella, you can learn more about them here.

The Institute is also active on the policy arena, and hosts an annual ‘Policy Dialogue Day’ which is a platform where users and practitioners can meet and where the V-Dem project's goals, research and findings are presented to a broader public. During the conference, a broad range of policy makers, practitioners, as well as representatives of international governmental and non-governmental organizations are present.