Deliberative Democracy

By: Cristina Schaver
Sep 21, 2021

The deliberative democracy index measures if public reasoning is inclusive and focuses on the common good? This animation shows that deliberation has gradually increased worldwide.

Before WWI, Australia and New Zealand were among the few with some degree of deliberative democracy. Uruguay was the first South American country to attain high levels of deliberation and was the only country to make significant improvements during WWII. After WWII deliberative democracy strengthened in parts of Europe––especially Scandinavia and Germany––but also in Canada and Australia.

But generally, the 60s and 70s were characterized by low levels of deliberation in much of the world marked by dictatorships and other authoritarian regimes. 

The mid-1990s to the mid-2000s represent something of a high-water mark for deliberative democracy including for most of Africa. Since then, there has been a decline as for most dimensions of democracy.

The animated map was created by V-Dem Principal Investigator Michael Coppedge. 

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